Uli Kraeling | Workflow

Uli Kraeling MA (University of Cambridge) Dip Arch (Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art) ARB is an architect and designer based in London, UK.

Workflow is a chronological blog-stream of current and past creative projects. All image material on these pages was created by Uli Kraeling (for/with Southstudio, John Miller + Partners, jm architects, knuk and myself) unless credited otherwise.


I am a creative thinker who believes in the importance of experiencing the full cycle from design to completion. To me this process is as a progressive feed-back loop from which to draw lessons for new designs.

One of the biggest pleasures I derive from architecture is seeing end-users enjoy a building and the certainty to have designed something that is fit for purpose and functions well for its occupants – to me this is the hallmark of truly sustainable architecture. 

I thrive on finding simple, effective and surprising design solutions for how elements can fit together at small and large scale: from joints, connection details, to people, spaces, buildings and cities.

I have a successful track record of gaining clients’ trust and respect for being extremely creative but equally possessing an eye for technical and practical detail. To me an architect’s role is to surprise and propose
solutions that are outside of the expected.

Uli Kraeling